Cheap frames for your creations

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make the scope of the paper tubes to their panels. Who is interested in a nice view)))

We need:
Paper A 4
PVA glue
thermo gun
twine natural
varnish (pictured there)
stain (in the photo is not present)

The sheet cut into two parts and twist the tube at an angle of 45 degrees.

Tip with maximum precision sizing glue gun. If this is not done carefully when you’re painting the stained tubes, it does not lie flat.

Here’s what happened

This is one side of the frame. There should be 4.

When you add duct alternate thick and thin tip. To obtain a clean strip width.

Overturn the tube glue tip top. Cut small strips of paper. And we stick to our paper tubes.

Like this

Fasten duct clothespins most densely pressing them to each other, until completely dry.

Doing these 4 and cover their stain.

dry them

Then place a layer of varnish 2 3 sushim

Dried strips of thermal glue gun to our panel.

Like this

With a sharp knife or scissors, cut off the ends.

Between the gun tubes Apply a thin strip of glue and glue quickly our splits. The tips are clipped.

Glue gun our top and bottom of the frame. Cropped ends.

Just glue the twine it will close all the technical mistakes on our frame.

Done. You can take a decorative cord and paint our example gouache tubes. I have wood. Color stain

I bring to your attention even as his works. Decoupage done on the foam, so that all the work was almost weightless, which is important for those who do not want to perforate the wall)))

courtesy: stranamasterov

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