How to make basket for bouquet

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So, we need: Floss (40 pieces), quilling strips suitable color (I – Bronze metallic), cardboard, wire pen (not less than 0.6 mm in diameter), PVA glue, an awl and enormous patience.

Cut two circles – one (the bottom of the basket), about 7 cm in diameter (the size can be changed on request); other – 2 cm in diameter more. The interior of the circle on the stage of use of the composition.
Stepping back from the edge of about 3 mm in a small circle mark and pierce awl 40 holes. The same procedure was done with the rim. Number of toothpicks, you can change, mindful of the need of an even number.

Getting Started with bottomed basket. Insert a toothpick into the hole (without fanaticism, so that peeped about 3 mm) and fix them kvillingovymi “Gadget” (1/4 strip width of 1.5 mm) – fasten them with white glue to the tip of a toothpick.

The first stage is completed. All toothpicks stood in its place.

Now comes the dreary – putting on the rim. Insert toothpicks into the holes all at once will not work. We have to work fragments, by fixing toothpicks “Gadget” from 1/2 strips.

The frame is ready. Sometimes in the process break off the tips of the toothpicks. This is not fatal, but then the “Gadget” and we must stick to the cardboard.

View from above.

Getting weaving. There are many solutions. Be creative. The principle: each row is woven separately, the ends of the strips are glued together (the remaining crop will come in handy later).

Netting over.

Attach the handle baskets – wire folded in half (note that “coming out” wire rim at toothpicks fixed for toothpicks standing nearby). On the outer contour of the rim and the bottom of glue pieces of stripes, closing cardboard. Handle length – according to your wishes.

Carefully cut the excess ends of the strips (turning basket upside down, so it is more convenient). Wallpapers end bottomed rim and a strip of paper, cardboard liberally smearing glue.Wound around the handle strip of paper (you should first “curl”, using for this purpose an awl). Basket ready.

Use the remainder of the cardboard circle awl mark up the location of the flowers, we put them in place, bending the wire (you can even it is not twisted). I came to the conclusion that creating branches is convenient to use a wire of two kinds: one segment – the largest, which is mounted on the highest bud – 0.4 mm in diameter, and the rest – 0.3 mm.

Insert the resulting bouquet in a basket. He is buried in the basket on two cm, which gives the natural composition.
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courtesy: stranamasterov

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