How to make basket for a gift

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To work need: double-sided cardstock (Pastel, watercolor, special scrap-paper) or cardboard, scissors or breadboard (stationery) knife, glue, any materials for decoration, which will prompt a fantasy and, of course, a good mood.
For the most baskets need five strips of paper. Dimensions can be arbitrary, I used the following:. 4 equal strips 3,5h30 cm strip for the upper rim 4h30 see Identical strips laid face down on a strip-ring and firmly glued to her their upper part as shown in the figure.

Then turn the lower part of the glue strips again face down back to back to the previous.

At the bottom is formed by a beautiful wicker bedplate.

The rim merges into the ring and durable glue – was such a design.

Glue it to the handle of any size and design.

Decorate your own convenience (I used a homemade spiral roses, leaves and paper polubusiny-dew)


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