How to make flower from old newspapers

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The theme of the festival – the flowers. It is necessary to come up with something quick and simple 

Lilies wove … but it is quite difficult for the children …

Amazing talent man! Kind and generous! All shows and explains her great thanks!

Here is a flower, I learned from her to weave. To our newspaper tubes were similar to straw, it is necessary to take the paper thinner, cut the ribbon width of not more than 6 cm, and cheat on the needle of 2.5 mm.

And yet such kamyshiki – volumetric and flat.

Volumetric kamyshik very simple weaving, just for children’s fingers))

This flat kamyshik, it looks easy, but it is easy to get confused when weaving …
Larissa at the website there is a video, there need to monitor the arms))

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