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How to make Japanese paper doll

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you can use any beautiful paper, I show you how I made from ordinary tissue, has been manufacturing experience of wrappers – also looks good.Cutting parts – size mock markup tells the mat.

We connect the two circular blanks with a strip for the neck folded in two, in a Japanese doll used instead of strips stick. Merge. I used a conventional glue-pencil.

Both blanks kimono add up to each other and bends the short side as if imitating the collar. Head I grab adhesive, although it is just embedded in the traditional doll.

Swaddle our first left blank.

Then wrap the right side.

Fold the left third of the kimono, wrap the right side symmetrically.

Beautifully unscrew angle kimono to be seen a second layer.

laces folds closed wide belt, in Japan it is called Obi.

It remains to make a sleeve.

Take a strip of cloth and fold in three layers.

Take a strip of cloth and fold in three layers.

Now it is necessary to bend the sleeve blank in half and glue behind.

A simplified version of hairstyles. Traditionally used for hair black corrugated paper. At the time of recording, I could not find it in stores. The diameter of the circle for the hair I take a little more than the diameter of the head to create the effect of fluffy hair.

Glued on both sides. In traditional Japanese doll has no face, as well as in the Russian doll.

Back view.’

I turned from tissue such beauties.
Napkins, I used not just – this is an order from a Japanese restaurant, to keep the way of stylistic. By the rope was attached logo restaurant.

courtesy: stranamasterov

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