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How to make origami “Lilac Swan”

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To create such a swan took me: 1111moduley. Lilac 973 module (31 leaves); 136 units of blue (5 sheets); black 1 module; Red-1 module.

1. The module collects in the chain, as shown in the photo.

2. chain in a circle. The result was a circle of 2 rows of modules. In each row of modules 39

3.Continue to increase the ranks of: 3rd, 4th

4. continue to build the ranks until they (the series) will be 11.

5.11 rows - the trunk is ready.

6.Perehodim to the weaving of the breast. To do this, put on blue 1 unit, then 8 purple and 1 blue again. 
Pletёm only this area. Each series will begin and end with a blue module, and between them in each subsequent row will be one unit less than lilac.





11.Vsego breast in 8 rows. 8th row ends with 3 blue modules.

12.Teper going to do a swan's neck. To do this, we will alternate the rows: 2 lilac; 3 blue module


14.Sheya consists of 18 rows. So: the neck is ready.

15.Budem make his head units turn over and put on the other side. 1st row of the head in the center of lilac 2

16.Po sides blue: 1 on each side. Blue modules are put only one pocket; 2nd row head: 3 lilac; 4th row: 1 blue, 2 purple and 1 blue again; 4th row: 1siny, 1 purple, 1 blue; 5th row: 2 blue, 2nd: 1 black, 7th-1 red. The head is ready.

17. do tail. The first row of the tail begin to spread from the breast. Modules turn over the other side and spread round: 1 blue, purple 27, and again one blue. Each next row will start and end with 1 blue module. Lilac modules in each subsequent row will be 1 less.

18.Vot so it will look from the front.

19. to increase the ranks of climbing up. The tail tapers. tail unit. Here's a swan we turned.

21.Teper will make a stand. The stand we will do the same as the body began to do. 
In the stand 3 rows of modules, closed the circle. In each row of 45 modules: 2 rows of lavender and one outer row of blue. I lilac modules is not enough, so I replaced them on white. They are inside and they will not be visible.

22.  Glue the eyes. You can make a decoration. I have the flowers in the technique of "Quilling" Our Swan is ready.

courtesy: stranamasterov

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