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How to make quilling lilies

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Take a walk in the early morning
I’m up to the backwaters of the river,
and a bouquet of fresh lily
There are now in front of you.

So it was here before, is here not sailed duck

Rushes rather cattail.
Tip: To leaves were narrower stripes need to glue the top and bottom.

Water lilies in all its glory

Here it is they themselves have dressed up.

Here is a paradise Utochkin turned out at me this time.

took 1 strip per detal.Gotovy leaf paste over a strip of the remains did stalk in center taped to roll out half the strip to hide the joints.

Samu lily made from 15 . photo shows how I took the strips for the manufacture of large petals of a flower. If something is not clear, 

courtesy: stranamasterov

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