How to make rose for sweets

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Let’s start with the work we need material
1. corrugated
2. gun
3. Barbecue
4. Feed
5. satin or brocade ribbon (pictured there)

Then we do paper exactly the same 4 15smh10sm rectangle

Fold …………………result we would get five petals.

We round out

Further, the first blank is not touched, and the other three do not cut dorezaya 1-1.5sm to the ground.

Then pull in the middle . pull from the front side of the paper!

Then take a skewer and twists the edges first, middle, and then the edges with two storon.Vot so it turns out.

Then glue skewers on hot glue to the first workpiece, which we will bud.

And twists our candy, do not forget to wrap up the tail in candy (unless of course you have a candy with tails))). Then I hook the bottom gerbernoy wire, I got used to it and it is convenient for me.

I bite off too much wire cutters and presses of the tail.

And pick a flower,

Well, after the crucial moment.Pridaem lightness of our rozochke.Berem each petal is curved at the edges and at the same time stretching each petal down (imagine how a flower blooms alive)). It should look like this

Here is a rosette

Here is a rosette is obtained.

Well, here they are in a vase with greenery.

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