How to make snowdrop in quilling techniques

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Under the rays of the spring sun starts melting snowdrifts. Spring water soaks the ground of life-giving moisture, and snowdrops wake up from winter sleep.

The first flowers delight, they are fragile and delicate. People are trying to bring this miracle home, pulling flowers from nature. Is without prejudice to the world!
Do the flowers with his own hands. I propose to make flowers in quilling techniques. Let us preserve the nature, do not tear snowdrops! Postcard with snowdrops in the technique of quilling delight in beautiful spring day your mother, grandmother, sister.

Materials for creating a spring greetings: cardboard, cloth and paper, quilling strips (3×300 mm), scissors, glue, for quilling tool.

Petals do with white stripes. The size of the strip – 3×300 mm.

We turn rolls for the petals, making the shape of the “eye”.

Thick roll to sepals of green bars. To roll the strip size – 3×300 mm.

Use the handle to attach roll cone shape

Fill the glue is well distributed with a toothpick

Insert the petals

Bud ready.

Make some flowers, glue the stem. The strip is folded in half, glue, glue the ends to the sepals.

Make leaves: in the foam panel to stick pins at a distance of 1 cm, begin to wind the green bar. For the size of the strips of green leaves – 3×300 mm and 3h600 mm. If you cut into strips of office paper, then glue the two bands.

Drips drop of glue.

The distance between the pins can be changed and make the leaves of different sizes. For the leaves can be glued two strips of green. The thickness of the strips of 3 mm and white, and green.

Putting composition

card is ready

Such a composition will delight you for years to come.

courtesy: stranamasterov

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