Christmas candle holder from plastic spoons

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you need to manufacture a candlestick:
1. Disposable plastic spoons;
2. DVD drive;
3. Hot-melt adhesive;
4. Sequins and rhinestones;
5. Acrylic paint;
6. Spray paint, automobile or hair.
Well, let’s start?
Step 1.
Plastic spoons paint with acrylic paint. And while the paint is wet, sprinkle glitter.

Step 2.
When the paint dries, cut the spoon handle.

Step 3.
Take the CD, sanded it and treat solvent.

Step 4.
Using a sponge paint the acrylic disk.

Step 5.
We put a candle in the center and depicts it. This will be the line of the second row.

Step 6.
We put a few spoonfuls of the disk and note the path in which we glue the first row.

Step 7.
Glue the first row of spoons. In a series of 10 pieces is obtained.

After sticking the second row, there 7 pieces.

Step 8.
We cover the candlestick spray paint, automotive or hair

Step 9.
Glue rhinestones or beads

That’s all, Christmas candle holder is ready!

courtesy: stranamasterov

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