How to make ball flower

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This basket is designed for a window in the music room. Homes small window not great, but the effect is magnificent beauty. I really wanted to show the true nature of the work.

Take a balloon, inflate, and pulls a large number of threads and tying 

Now you will need a thin film of food, I think many people in the economy has turned the ball in our film. Here he is on the left)))

Wrap the thread, this process you all know how to do))) and hung to dry.

The beads are dry, gently nail scissors cut off the knot. Wind the thread a lot, you can not be afraid of the ball, not to damage, unraveling.

The ball is very fast with pouted, not stuck and does not burst))) and is very easily removed from the mold.

There was only a film.

Pencil poked, very quickly moved away from the wall, and was removed safely, too)))

The result: a ball, the whole film, the result is ready)))
And now back to do this entire procedure again, with use – the ball and the same plenochku))) I used a 6 – balls and 6 – scraps of film. And it happened more than 30 ready-made forms.

 wiped cloth and processed twigs become little dark.

Good luck to you, and more ingenious and very useful ideas

courtesy: stranamasterov

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