How to make custom accordion album

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5 sheets of colored paper, decorative paper for the cover (you can use fabric or wallpaper) for the cover of cardboard, glue, ribbon
From colored paper cut out squares

Each square should be folded and spread out far and wide, as well as the two diagonals.

Merge lists. To this end, the upper left box stuck on the bottom right of the other sheet (seen in the photo). Repeat all.

Now add up.

Making the cover.
Cut two squares of 0.5 cm longer on each side than the folded accordion (ie length = cover side accordion length + 1 cm). From decorative paper cut squares 2 cm on each side longer than the cardboard. Zagtovki paste for the cover paper.

Measure out and cut the ribbon. Glue it in the middle of one of the kvadratov.Sverhu close the paper (can be plain white)

Accordion pasted in the cover.

From decorative paper cut two squares and close them glued to the cover of the accordion.

Decorate the inner sheet to your liking (place photos with sheets of congratulations)

Folding, bandages ribbon.

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