How to make fringed flowers

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Prepare material for colors. We need a strip of 10 mm and 5 mm. Mark up the sheet of colored office paper (A4) short edge. Pencil cases mark the desired width (10mm or 5mm) We perform the same operation on the other side. With the help of an iron ruler and stationery knife cut strips. If the knife is sharp enough, you can rezat2-3 sheet at a time.

Cut fringe about 2/3 the width of 10mm strips. The thinner fringe, so get fluffy flower. I cut a few strands at a time. When cutting a shift fringe strips along the length and width, adjust the width in the process of cutting …

 And the difference in length, without cutting, finish cutting fringe. When finish cutting, for convenience, you can turn the strip.

Merge one 10mm and one strip of 5mm. It is necessary that the adhesive has dried up, or when winding the place of gluing may disperse

We begin with a narrow strip reeling.

In the transition to the strip fringed continue to reel.

Pasted “tail” and proceed to the next flower.

After the glue dries fringe turn down.

If the middle, turned out not very smooth, straighten it simple touch of a finger.

If only twist fringed strip, you get this result. Yellow flowers are dandelions, pink -. Daisies, from green to make a fluffy Christmas tree, and can be used as the middle of a flower. Try to vary the length and color fringed strips – pre-glue – a lot of variants!

If the wind the two fringed strips at the same time, you can achieve interesting results …

Flowers, stranded only fringed strips, particularly if the strips were wound tightly enough to have deformed the property. Is there a good way to not only keep the flower, but also give it additional strength, inner part of the flower is greased with glue. After drying, only someone’s evil will can damage your flowers. And yet … if you like flowers fringed inner side with glue  little push, we obtain flowers-bumps.

I wish you success!
courtesy: stranamasterov

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