How to make jeans fabric with texture creation

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Anchor I learned I was a strict follower of the number of boutique magazine No. 2013/49 and in many areas (pillow, blanket, bags, etc.) that can be used in a very pleasant way. I tried to explain the makeup, perhaps yet unknowing / applications will be those.
First, it uses a different fabric and denim to create sub-fund. Lower or single color can be patterned fabric will be used in part but need to be absolutely opposed to the dominant color and off.
We put the denim and other fabrics below 1 cm. We draw a diagonal line intervals and fine-tuning the machine is suffering from this line. (Line of bias will not necessarily have to go otherwise removable fabric.

the sewing is finished, we have to stop standing in line like the following from the middle;

The cutting process is finished the machine are washing at 30-40 degrees. The cut edges of the denim fabric creating a raised image and looks the other below as follows:

courtesy: elisidefteri.blogspot

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