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How to make quilling strawberry

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– paper strip;
– PVA glue;
– Semolina;(the hard grains left after the milling of flour, used in puddings and in pasta.)
– Wire;
– tape or corrugated paper.
To get the strawberries the size of about 1.8 cm. By 1.8 cm. I took 8 strips 3 mm. length 29 cm., and for the upper part 7 on the strip 3 mm. 29 cm long. berries to bottom.
I took for clarity, red stripes, in principle, it is possible to take a different color, it’s still going to paint the future.
Merge strip into a long strip and twist the 2 roll.

Inside a good coat with glue.

Merge the two halves. They are very well suited to each other.

We stumble our berry on a toothpick.

We cover the berries with white glue.

Take semolina and dip it in our piece.

Fix the foam on a toothpick. Give dry and begin to paint.

paint the contours of the tissue, it is possible and acrylic paints, they give live shine and do not spoil the texture of berries. I tried to paint ordinary gouache – the effect is not the same.

I decided to make a not quite ripe strawberries, so I paint it green, yellow and then red.

Yellow paint with a toothpick draws the yellow specks.

Here they are beautiful,

To take the stems and wire wrapped her teip-ribbon or crepe paper

Cut the leaves from corrugated paper. I cut into the eye

Make a hole in the middle to insert the stem. The strawberry has a hole, remember, from toothpicks.

Putting It All Together.

That’s all there is left to add the leaves!

courtesy: stranamasterov

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