How to make tiger from paper

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Please make your head. Somni square sheet of paper of A4 format. Very good Promna it and put inside or cutting scraps of napkins. Fold the tight ball and seal the edges.

Prepare single  different colors. Here they made ​​the spokes 6 mm. How to tube, see here.

Do white double tube maximum length.

Take a cardboard roll of toilet paper. Glue on top of the double tube, stretching it to the desired size with the flat side up. Glued in the middle of the white tube in the form of an elongated spiral. It will be the collar and belly.

Paste foundation on the sides of the colored tubes. Please do “fitting” in length, and then glue.

Now paste tubes head. Roll the tube rolls. To do this, flatten one end smazh glue and Coil.

Glue paper roll on the ball for the head. Where one ends tube immediately pasted on another spiral. The ends of the tubes as a little smeared with glue.

When the front surface of the head is filled with orange tubes, starts to put the pieces of the black tubes.  so spiraling entire paper ball. It looks like the back of his head.

Make small ears of white and red tubes.

Fold the two white rolls for schёchek, roll a ball to the nose, draw or engrave eyes. Eyebrows and mouth can be made of very thin tubes, rolled on a skewer. Glue all the details on the muzzle and ears Con.

To prepare a handle 10 strips (transverse corrugation) of different colors width of 3 cm and a length of 22-24 cm. Necessary for legs 14 on each strip. Bend them in half lengthwise and spread in the desired order.

Gluing together the order of 3-5 strips of glue stick.

Sew a seam “forward needle” on the planned line all glued strips. Then glued and sewn next.

When all the strips proshёsh, pull the string and bind the knot.

Take the one hand for the last fold of the left and the other begin to rotate the entire workpiece in an upward direction.

I should get such a corrugated spiral.

Do the lower legs of the double paper pack, and the top of the single, as the ears.

Glue the tabs to the coiled bars for arms and legs.

To make the tail, glue the black stripes on orange paper.

Twist the tube at a very thick spokes.

Glue all the details to the body. Hello! I was not born in the jungles of Bengal and in the Land of the Masters.

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