Miracle tree, activitie for kids

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we will need:

  • paper, 
  • wire
  • scissors, 
  • wood base (in this case, we used a round box of chocolates from the “Raffaello”) 

1. Cut strips of paper of different colors around 3 cm Chiron. Length is the length of the roll respectively – 50 cm.

2. Pressing fingers, wrapped with a wire paper, leaving a free tail  4-5 cm.

3. Cut the corners of the “tails”, so to get the leaf.

Such leaves we need a lot, so please be patient and sit under the interesting conversations with the child to turn the leaves.

4. But then begins the most interesting moment – assembly! Leaf for leaf curl, forming the branches of our tree.

5. And the leaf of leaf, twig of a sprig and in our hands “grow” our tree!
Crepe paper decorate box and set it a tree. To consolidate and weighted base, we used clay, which is then covered with grass. Weed done by miter.
Well, that’s all! We will be glad if our little master class you will enjoy and you too can do with their children like that! 
Good luck!

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