Mirror Decortion From Carton Paper

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you just need to hang the mirror on the wall decorate your room more unique, impressive:

- Round Mirror
- Lumber diameter twice the diameter mirror
- Carton paper
- Colored multicolored stones, large and small lot sizes
- The copper tube (plastic tube) much smaller size
- Yellow paint
- Tools: scissors, markers, rulers, glue, clamps, brushes 

Step 1:
- First, you cut into long strips carton length and different width, the width ranges from 0,7-1cm.
Next, you curled paper strips around the copper tube with different diameter tubes.

Step 2:
- Next, glue fixed medium paper roll section.

Step 3:
- Use clamps hold the fixed portion has pasted paper roll, to dry completely. Similarly, you curl the remaining strips to paste decoration.

Step 4:
- You used brush yellow paint on a plate covered timber to dry. To paint colors are beautiful, you should double-layer coating, the first paint coating paint dry you up on Monday.

Step 5:
- Set the circular mirror between the planks, you used the measure so that the two concentric circles. Next, draw a pencil circle marker outside planks.

Step 6:
- Then you use glue fixed onto cardboard rings on the outside wooden panels painted circle marker pencil.
Note: before pasting fixed, you should arrange for beautiful preforming.

Step 7:
- Next, you use yellow paint brush painted on wood panels were coated onto paper circles just paste to dry.

Step 8:
- Place the mirror between the circles of paper to draw a pencil line marker, you paste fixed.

Step 9:
- Finally, you paste colored stones between the paper circle. And attaching wooden hanger on the back plate to the mirror on the wall hanger is done offline!

That mirrors the new shirt bo ho style we finished!  

Now, you just need to hang the mirror on the wall decorate your room more unique, impressive:

You do not give away the broken carton, please recycle them into useful items to decorate your home more beautiful beautiful offline!

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