Paper chrysanthemum

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We need paper, glue, wire, ribbon satin thread.

Fold the edge of the wire is pressed against the paper (in several layers of folded) and wrapped with wire, fasten thread newspaper to stronger powers.

Add on top of another newspaper, do a ball.

Then a layer of paste over the top with white paper, that was not visible then newspaper news.

Cut the leaves, I took a few colors, but white is also just beautiful

and begins to stick around.

add another colour, alternating leaves, following a series of completely orange leaves, etc.

The form of this, but I cut on the eye, even if you do not even lipestok, still can not see then, after twisting.

Fringe cut in a circle

I put the paper into 4 layers and cut out so quickly.

Well, that’s all! This chrysanthemum just long wither

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