Quillied flower-pot Tutorial for beginners

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A cute and adorable flower pots which is perfectly done with just paper quilling techniques and the good thing about below tutorial is that it is easy for beginners also. It’s also included into kids quilling project So let’s make some nice flower pots using only paper strips only 🙂

Steps ::
Make colorful flowers as the first step of paper craft.
As shown in below top view of flower-pot, make a tight circle for center of flower.

Easy way of making tight circle in quilling…!! 

for Petals of flower, take another color strips which is larger than strips of center. Now cut that strip till middle half from the one side and then wrap that strips around the center. (Another way to cut strips for petal of flower is as shown in below picture.)

Leaves of Flower 
here shape of flower leaves is teardrop. you can also try another shape like c-scroll and heart scroll. Let’s do teardrop shape of quilling using just hands, no need of any shape board 

Side view of Quillied Flower-pots 
A best gift for kids, I have ever seen in my life and i am damn sure about that every child want it

Not only kids, Even you can use those little flower pots in your home decor ideas and another way to use it in kids project(if you want to add trees and garden in any environment project of kids, you can use this quillied flower-pots in project).

Source : Nits art

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