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How to Make Blooming cactus module

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Looking at these wonders of nature,  wanted to grow a cactus, but is good idea to make beautiful blooming cactus module
Try it and you grow this variety. Number of colors on one plant, and their coloring can be varied.
All work is made of modules stacked rectangles of 4x6 cm on the scheme


  1. The flower consists of three rows of 8 modules each. Prepare 24 modules of the same color. Take the unit, open it and bend on these lines. Wrinkles are not ironed, fold should be slightly scheduled.

2. Cutting pocket.

3. The pocket should be revealed in the form of a petal. Make 8 petals of the second row.

4. Make 8 petals for the first row as well as the second. Take the petal corners with two fingers and pinch them together. At the corners are formed folds. Grant that all petals 8.

5. Inserts tab corners in the first row of pockets (the coming) of the second row of petals.

6. At the corners of the second row just wear a conventional unit of the third row. It will consolidate the remaining petals.

7. Collect all three rows and close them in the ring.

8. Here is the blank side.

9. To prepare 6 sepals green modules. They are glued to each other thus turning right angles to the center.

10.Turned sepals conical shape.

11. Brush the glue at the ends of the blank flower.

12. Good  adhesive inner surface of the sepals. We reduce all parts of the flower and glued together into the cup, making sure they are evenly distributed around the center.

13. Hold to grab adhesive.

14. Do square of yellow paper measuring 6x6 cm on the circuit module Kusudama Superbowl . Insert inside the flower.

15. Insert a toothpick into the hole. It will attach to the cactus flower.


  1. Thus connecting the module.

2. Take the first and second rows of 6 modules, connect and close to the ring.

3. In the third row put on for each module, two module, inserting the corners of the inner pockets.

4. In the fourth series of 12 modules.
5. In the fifth row again put on for each module for two modules (in the external pockets).

6. With the sixth through the fourteenth row - 24 in each module. To cactus turned convex, insert your finger in and expand it to the side. After having reduced all modules are as close as possible.


  1. For the first three rows take three times with 20 modules. Thus connects.

2. Combining several modules of the first and second row, third-row Join modules.

3. Close to the ring.

4. Put two more series of short side out.

5. In the sixth row make alternation: a column of four modules, the decoration of the four yellow modules (one, two top, one on top). All the long side out.

6. Make the arch: three modules are put one after the other to the right (one pocket on one corner), just three left. Then they are joined at the top of a module. Do 10 of these arches.

7. Put on the arch at the corners of columns. Try to keep the corners of jewelry included in the internal pockets arches.

8. Put the cactus in a pot.

9. Attach 1, 2, 3 .... flower at will by inserting a toothpick into the holes between the modules.

your cactus is ready...if you like share your friend..happy crafting

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