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Take a leaf finished scarf. Number fringe yarn loops is determined by the number divided by 2. For example, if the web consists of a scarf hinge 40, the conventional "threads" will be only 20.

And hook naturally select its number by the working yarn thickness.

Enter the working thread in the right edge on the front side, anchoring loop and knit chain of air loops - the number directly affects the length of the fringe. 

In my case - a 20 stitches. 

Next - a loop is skipped to the next loop (it contains a hook) provyazyvaem connecting bar (threaded working thread in the base loop and stretch it to the original - the first loop). 

Threaded hook in the chain.

Immediately stretch in the loop, which is already on the hook. 

Thus, the chain of air becomes a little thicker, voluminous and round :) Look everyone should like this:

In the same way all other provyazyvayutsya air loop - it turns 19 connecting the columns, further - anchoring thread for fabric fringe scarf 1 column without nakida + another column without nakida for the next yarn fringe, then - 20 stitches to form the second strand. Repeat until a 20 fringe strands. And so at both ends of the scarf. Then anchoring tails fringe set from the beginning and end. 

I draw your attention to the fact that the number of stitches for the thread - is always the same, increase or decrease even at one loop, is very noticeable in the finished product. 

Ready fringe will be a little ripple, so it must be subjected to the stripping procedure. 

I hope that my rather simple method will attract many needle women with Fair of the Masters, because cutting the thread does not have ... And we do not like, oh, how ...

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