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Soaring mug with candy

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its devoted to sweets! They will sleep in our floating cup!

For work, we need:
tea pair
three-conductor wire
adhesive gel Moment
Melt adhesive

First, we need to make a template for our flying cups. For this purpose, the bending wire so that in the future would not be outweighed cup saucer with adhesive curing.

First, sticking cup. Glue pour sparing no and leave to harden.
Even then, when everything is cured, I add another on top of a thick layer of glue to secure.

After 24 hours you can start to glue the saucer.
Also a lot of glue is poured on a saucer and recessed cable. When it grabs, I advise you still pour over the glue to secure.

Leave to harden for another day.

That's what we should be able to:

Now you can begin to design our billet.
You can glue the candy true, but if it is a pity, then I replace them on the dummies. Those. I unfold candy wrapper, take out a piece of candy, and put into a piece of crumpled napkins. Nobody will think it is not real candy!

That's what we need right now:

When warmed our Melt start from the bottom gluing candy:

Gradually filling out the bottom, start to climb up.

Do not forget about the rear view, there is also everything has to be filled:

So rise up. Inside the cup is also carefully disguise the wire.

Our task paste sweets so that the impression of the flow of candy from the cup. Therefore, at the end of glue candies where you need to create this illusion.

That's what happened with me:

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