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used a tube of cardboard (large - from the self-adhesive tape)

thin - from foil for baking). Cut to pieces round. Oh, and it's not an easy job! 
 Next - cutting wooden board in the form of a circle. 


 paintable acrylic black paint from a container.

The process of painting and drying took place a few days, because it was necessary to paint over everything very carefully. 


 I also used a board base of his wide tape.

This (later) it will be possible to put small objects (erasers, flash cards, etc.) is also stained. 


 Now begin to work wonders! Making painting contours.

What will be the final figure and ornament, I had no idea. I come up with as we go along. 


 The first ready! Here we have used colors - brass, white, red and gold.


 The provisional line-up.


 Learned? This blank is out of tape.


 This cat has inspired me to create the next ornament on thin tubes.

 Patterns I decided not to repeat that the details of the organizer is not blended with flowers and variegated. 


 The two other tubes - modest.


 Make the bottom. Cut out circles of black cardboard. When a pattern is dried up,

 covered the bottom edge of the glue and glue these circles. 



 One day later again to apply the adhesive, only now at the very bottom,

 to glue the tube to the round board basis. 


 Well, something like that ... 
 Here I have covered the product colorless acrylic varnish.


 It is convenient, beautiful and pleasing to the eye!


 Top view.


 Fragments of the drawing.


 Oh! To the edge of the tubes looked smoother, I paid a top major point black outline.

Thus disappeared the defects and irregularities. 


 Another view.


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