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Decorate butterflies

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Big decorate the walls, while small planted on willow twigs spiral.

Willow twigs were made ​​in autumn on the craft
Butterflies do not draw on the bottle, and a dense film. Samples of butterflies found on the Internet and print out in the desired format. Outline Draws marker for signing CDs.

First butterflies with her daughters painted nail polish, and then began to acrylic paints

Butterfly cut along the contour, and then missed a little building  sprinkled glitter. Antennae made of wire (available from fishing line, but the tips and stick beads); Taurus of chenille wire. Everything is glued onto the hot glue.

These are the little butterfly turned.

This large, almost the size of a palm.

I helped paint the five-year daughter.

And it was the first butterfly:

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