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Crying is actually not a sign of vulnerability, and you should not apologize for it. It is actually a healthy thing that indicates strength and resilience. Here, we are going to give you four reasons to feel empowered after shedding tears:

1.You know how to relieve stress
According to one study from 1983 from the American Psychological Association, crying can bring relief of stress, because of interpersonal relationships, sadness and anxiety.
The tears can help us channel and filter out the thoughts, as bottling them up might cause long-term psychological damage.
Crying can actually release the negative tension accumulated during the whole day, comforts and recharges. Plus, those tears which are emotional have hormones that escape the body and could enhance mood.
According to one professor named Roger Baker from Bournemouth University, crying can relieve trauma, because it is the transformation of distress into something tangible.
2.You are not afraid of your feelings
People can cry for a lot of different reasons, stress, anger, sadness, low blood sugar, hormonal imbalances, loss, loneliness, and even for trivial things like songs or a sad movie.
Yet, the important thing is that crying makes people accept and confront their feelings. If one person ignores these negative feelings, he may turn to alcoholism, drugs abuse, depression, anxiety, and other unhealthy compulsive behaviors.
A lot of people often avoid facing the feelings of judgment, fear and guilt, as well as choking back tears. However, it is very important that one acknowledges his emotions, as well as have the bravery to show them and control them.
3.It shows you don’t care about what others think
When we are not alone, we often try to suppress the feelings of vulnerability and feebleness, and not burst out.
Our society has imposed a belief that crying in front of other people should be avoided at all costs. Yet, our nature is not that controlled, and we cannot always keep our emotional guard.
According to some findings from one study in 1964, which analyzed the self – reported emotional response of people, while in the company of someone crying, people respond less negatively, as well as more compassionately to people who are crying.
Crying sometimes makes most people feel uncomfortable. But, it actually also means that one person is not dependent on the social expectations.

4.Crying makes you a better friend
Despite showing that you are comfortable in the presence of someone, it also shows that you are an open person with your close friends.
Sometimes, when you receive some bad news with a friend, and you are the first one to start crying, you may help your friend/ the other person to relieve the stress and express his/her emotions as well. If you break those walls which are between you two, you will start building more meaningful relationships.
-Crying and mental illness
If you have some frequent urges to cry, you should talk to a therapist or a counselor. Such things may indicate anxiety and depression. A lot of people around the world suffer from such conditions, and it is a must to start looking for the solution as soon as possible.
Here are the three online centers from which you can find out a lot about these mental illnesses:
-Hope Care;
-International Help Lines;
-Better Help.
From all of this, we can conclude that crying is a healthy mechanism which or body uses to cope with the piled up emotions.
It improves our mood, manages stress, strengthens relationships, and builds our character.

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