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Beautiful vase from waste can

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You can create a beautiful and economical gift from a simple can. You can use the can as a container to fill it with sweets or candies, as a base for a candy arrangement or as a beautiful vase. 

1 can of the size you choose 
Felt or foamy in striking colors 
Ribbons or ribbons that combine with the foamy or felt you choose 
Buttons in combinable colors 
Hot silicone 

1.- Cut a rectangle of the foamy or felt you have chosen and use it to line the can completely. 
2.- Cut strips of the material and fold it in half and stick it with the hot silicone, just as shown in the second image
3.- With the scissors, make linear cuts across the entire length of the strip 
4.-Paste these strips that you have cut at the base of the can, in the middle part and one centimeter below the top. 
5.- Stick pieces of ribbon or ribbon on top of the strips 
6.- Add buttons that combine.

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