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How to make Carnation Flower From Recycled Plastic Bottle

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Make Carnation Flower From Recycled Plastic Bottle.

I had – such a flower!
But it is not paper

Well spotted?

So, bottles of ketchup neck and cut off the bottom, cut it into two parts

The largest petals (I – 4 cm) cut across the bottle, following the curve. Their width, in principle, arbitrary, I have about 3 cm

Petals medium (5mm shorter) cut by diagonal.Eli petals not only shorter but also narrower.

These midway flower petals, they are also smaller and narrower cut along the bottle

From the top of the same cut into petals, cut at an angle

Scissors “Zigzag” in the teeth do not kra shake.Rez him straight and slightly rounded

From sticks taped to the balloon do stalk

Glue gun sticking one row of petals on the outside (thicker petals sticking to the foundation is not in sight)

That’s what happened

Form a flower on. The next set of sizing petals with the same bend, hiding os novum.Eto we posted large petals. Then take the petals smaller sizing and number of bend inward (toward the center of the flower)

Like this

At the smallest petals sharp edge of a little cutoff, so it is better to strengthen

That flower is ready, it remains to glue the leaves and sepals

It can be made of green plastic, I did in this case, because of the artificial leaf green

You can combine different colors of plastic (one of the roses – red and pink)

Hope you like this beautiful flower tutorial.

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