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How to make monkey from socks

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Everyone can sew it, just a couple of terry socks and a little sintepon are required.

Socks preferably take terry (we have such a dollar sold), then the toy will be soft.

We turn them inside out and make such marks: from the left toe we have the basis of the trunk, we cut it in half-it’s legs, on the right, at the very top, we cut out the mouth, then the ears, on the sides of the hand and in the middle there is the tail. Torso turn to the front, flush the legs, push into the sintepon.

Sewing. From the right toe, the excised mouth is filled with the sintepon.

Sewing to the trunk. In the same way, sew your hands.’

Attach the tail to the ass.

And at last, we sew our eyes with a black thread and make big eyes out of big buttons

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