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How to Make Triple Easel Heart 'I Love You' Card

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Get ready to make a lovely Valentine card at home in the form of a triple easel card. Expressing your love through DIY valentine card can be a wonderful feeling. Triple easel card is one of the best handmade display cards. All you need to buy is... 1. Pastel Sheets/ Card Stock 2. Fine tip marker for drawing 3. Detailed Paper Knife 4. Paper Tapes, Glue, Scissor, etc. All this material is easily available to buy online at a very affordable price. You can buy it from Amazon too. If you're a handmade lover then this greeting card can be one of the best gift for your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, or Wife. Moreover, a DIY Valentine Easel card is even better than a general homemade Valentine card. You can make this Valentine card for boyfriend or girlfriend or life partner. Even if you have not made any handmade Valentine card before, this triple easel card tutorial will help you make a unique love card quickly.

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