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How To Recycle Your Old CDs Into Useful Stuff

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CD Recycling idea is very simple, but really very useful! Just one way to recycle, but at least three options to use - CD Soap-dish, CD Jewelry storage, CD Candle holder. All you have to do is hold your old CD or DVD above candle flame. Watch my video tutorial to understand what I mean exactly. Your CDs will melt and form a plate. This CD-plate can be used as a soap-dish, for example, or as a jewelry storage or candle holder - any way would be great. Soap will always be dry, because CD has a hole in center. As CDs and DVDs have beautiful rainbow-mirror cover your jewelry will look great in such plate. And the candle light will reflect sooo beautiful! So try my way to recycle old CDs and DVDs. Good luck!

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