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How to make boho mirror form bottle cap

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Use recycled bottle caps and floral marbles  to make a funky boho mirror! I used clear glass marbles, but colors would be wonderful, too.

You’ll Need
Americana Decor Metallics in Antique Brass
Glass Floral Marbles
Round or oval wood base
E-6000 Glue
Bottle Caps

1. Paint the wood oval with the Americana Decor Metallics and let dry
2. Center the mirror and figure out your bottle cap design
3. Glue them to the wood base with E-6000 and let dry
4. Paint the bottle caps with more Americana Decor Metallics
5. Glue the glass chips inside of the bottle caps
6. Once the bottle caps are filled with glass chips, glue the mirror in the center
Hot glue ribbon to the back for an easy way to hang your masterpiece

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