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How to Make Cardboard Mega Organizer

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Beautiful Cardboard Mega Organizer

Take a piece of cardboard, a little more than A4.

I took this size. A little longer and a little below … do these 2 items.

Then, on the one part indent 4 cm below the upper edge.

Was handy plastic container cap. I placed it exactly in the center, through which we measured out)

Cut … Here is the neckline we’ve got) This two together.

Glued it all together, and got a crate). Without a bottom … Top view

Makes the second work piece.

The process is the same.

The same cap

Do these two parts.

Delicious … everything sticks together Moment “Crystal”. You can make between compartments stenochku one … But I liked it so much anymore.

Plastered napkins or paper towels, as in my case.

I stayed pasted paper towels tube (I always do for the future)

I stayed pasted paper towels tube (I always do for the future).

Looking ahead a bit … do such departments-pockets made of cardboard. Again, try on …

Now themselves pockets. Cut 2 strips of …

By hand, I draw an arc on which cut too much. Forgot to mention that divided the strip into two parts. Bottom 3cm, 2.5cm top.

Burst …

These are the arcs we get …

Try on …

Making a second pair of pockets 

The process is the same 

Try on …

Pockets remove. I missed the photo as papered them. They are dried))) I did not have a large piece of cardboard, and I decided to make it out of pieces. Who has a large sheet, it will be easier. Many things can be missed.

Puts the already dried pockets to our subject) I like it) Since I have a small piece of cardboard, obvozhu only with the first pockets.

Hard to see, but I think it is clear

Cut and paste at the time of “Crystal”.

Since the whole structure is placed on a bad photo, will be showing one side. Try on the pocket …

Take a piece of cardboard More … placed under the structure, and try on the second pocket … encircles the second pocket, and cut. Do not forget to do likewise second side)

Remove pockets … As you may have noticed, there is no photo with a sketch … But I think everything is clear)

Here is a detail should get. Smear glue under the tube and cut, which we will stick to the first part.

Glue and fix for reliability masking tape 

Now it’s pockets) We glue them …

That’s what we’ve got.

Now paste napkins bottom, inside and out. The rest is in the process … to finish, lay out photo description … While decorating a matter of taste. You can just paint. And you can issue to the technology, which is the soul. Who, in that much

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