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Flower Vase From Newspaper and Rice

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Materials Required : Newspaper, Rice, Glue, Feviquick Optional, Copper Spray Paint Or Acrylic Paint, Bunch Of Flowers.

 Description : Make The Pipes From Newspaper Strips By Rolling It. Make As Much As Possible. Now Make Two Rings From The Newspaper Pipes Using A Bottle. Just Roll Around 25 To 30 Pipes Around The Bottle And Remove. Give A Depression To The Rings So As To Make A Bowl. Smear The Glue To Make The Bowl Rigid. Make Such Rings Again, This Time Small. The Smaller Rings Should Be Kept On The Top And One More Ring Little Bigger That Should Be Placed On The Top. Make A Medium Shaped Newspaper Coil That Should Go On The Bottom. Assemble All These Rings And Coil With The Glue. When The Vase Is Dry Smear The Glue Again And Run The Rice Over The Vase. After Drying Paint It Either With Spray Paint Or Acrylic Paint. Put Some Flowers In It And Place It Your Favorite Spot.

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