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Flower Kid Crafts – Bright and Colorful

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 I love flowers, receiving, planting, and growing them. All the bright colors make a yard extra special. I love spring flowers like crocus, tulips, and daffodils.

I have fun picking out all the annuals to plant in our flower beds. There are lots of pretty roses too. Make your own colorful flowers with these flower kid crafts.

Paper Plate
Paper plate crafts are great and this flower is bright and colorful.

Dot flower
This is craft is great for toddlers, with little mess.

Recycle some egg cartons into this craft. Your toddlers can do the painting.

Who doesn’t have a plastic bottle? Use them to create this pretty flowers.

Create this colorful spring tulip craft with paper and straws.

Colorful bowl flowers in bright colors, perfect for adding some cheer to a room.

Make this bright sunflower out of folded paper

Make these simple cupcake liner flowers using some cutting skills

 I love the bright watercolors used in this 3D flower.

All you need is some colored paper to fold these pretty flower

A fun bunch of flower with a butterfly made using your fingerprints

An expensive supply, pipe cleaners are used to make these roses

Colorful spring flowers  made by recycling paper rolls

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