Home remedies for back pain and causes

Home remedies for back pain and causes

Back pain is a pain that happens when it is not moving and does not sit. The entire body feels pain due to back pain. This problem has become so common nowadays that no one is untouched by it, children, old men, women and men take this pain in their grip. Today's lifestyle has changed so much that there is no belief of any disease. We consider the body to be a machine and continue to work continuously, but the machine also gets bad sometimes, due to excessive work, it also becomes ill, then it is natural to have pain in our body.

Back pain is what we have in the lower part of the back, sometimes this pain occurs in the middle and sometimes in the whole.

Causes of back pain  -
Lifting heavy weights
Excess body weight
Physical work such as excercise, not walking
mental stress
Wearing high heels sandals
Sitting in the same way for a long time.
More use of mobile computers
Sleep wrongly
Not using the right mattresses
Driving long
Suffer from some other disease
Body weakness
Excess nicotine use
Women have back pain during menstruation.

Back pain is a problem anytime, it is not right to take medicines all the time. Today I will tell you some home remedies to get rid of this pain, which you can easily get rid of this problem by doing it.

Sickai with hot water - Sickai is very helpful in back pain, due to which the stretch in the muscles is reduced to a great extent and the pain gets relief. Warm up for 20 min with a hot water bag 2 times a day. Apart from Sikai, you can take a bath in a tub of hot water or in the shower. Hot water removes body fatigue.
If you are suffering from some disease, then rest, but do not spend the whole day in bed. The doctor also recommends rest for 1-2 days, then speaks a little bit of walking. Constantly lying in bed, the muscles get tight and the whole body starts getting stiff.
Back pain is also often due to lack of calcium. To strengthen bones, we should consume plenty of calcium.
Even a soft mattress is not good for the waist, so use a little hard mattress.
If you work continuously sitting in front of the computer, then leave this habit today. Sitting in the same position for a long time is a major cause of back pain. After every 40 minutes in the office or home, get up and take a walk.
Massage - Massage is a remedy for back pain. You may want to massage with pain relieving oil available in the market or make oil to relieve pain at home. For this, you
Coconut / Mustard Oil
3-4 garlic cloves
Method - To make oil, select any one oil and put it in a vessel and heat it on the gas, put garlic buds in it. Boil it until the garlic turns black. Now massage it when it cools down completely. You can also make it together and fill it in a vial.

Celery - Celery is a pain reliever, compress it lightly and chew it slowly by putting it in the mouth. Back pain will subside very soon.
Salt Crickery - Salt is very good for relieving pain. We can use salt in 2 ways to relieve back pain.
Take 2-3 teaspoons of salt and heat it on the griddle. Then tie it in a thick cloth. Place this bundle in the part of the waist where there is extreme pain. Slowly rotate it across the waist, the pain will be cured.
Add 2-3 tablespoons of salt in half a bucket of hot water, then squeeze a thick towel into it. Place this towel on the waist so that the area can be narrowed. This remedy relaxes very quickly.
If you have been complaining of back pain for a long time and it has not been cured even after many treatments, then now you should resort to yoga. Nowadays, the biggest diseases can be fought through yoga.  to relieve back pain can be asked on the net or with any yoga guru.
Lack of manual labor is also the main reason for back pain. So get used to walking at least 30 minutes a day. In the morning, do light exercise. Make every effort to control your weight.
When lifting anything heavy, keep the right position. Do not bend down at once. Work according to the body.
While studying, while running computer and watching TV, always keep your back neck straight.
These are ways to relieve some back pain which is natural and can be easily used at home. You adopt them and tell us how effective it is for you.