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Make natural oil at home to remove the problem of broken and falling hair

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Make natural oil at home to remove the problem of broken and falling hair

With age, many people start to lose and lose their hair. Food and modern living and the use of cosmetics affects the hair. Nowadays, many people are bothered by the problem of hair loss. The solution to this problem  in our home.

The use of this oil will eliminate the problem of hair loss and will strengthen the hair as well as increase hair growth. Hair will be strong, smooth and thick.

The following items will be required to make the oil. All these items will be available from our house. 
👉 Onion 
👉 Curry Leaves
👉 Aloe Vera Gel 
👉 Coconut Oil

How to make oil

First extract the onion juice. After extracting the juice, add  Curry Leaves and heat it. When the mixture is hot, add aloe vera gel. Mix the mixture well.

Then add a little coconut oil. Apply this oil on the hair daily and your hair will stop falling out

Onion juice

You can also use only onion juice. Onion juice will also stop hair loss. Extract the juice from the onion. Add a little honey to it. Honey is also considered to be good for hair and apply on the hair.  A mixture of onion juice and honey will strengthen the hair, stop hair loss and give shine. This mixture should be used once a week.


Bananas are rich in nutrients. Bananas are also beneficial for hair. Bananas will help prevent hair loss. Add a little milk to the bananas. Take a thin paste in the mixer properly. Once the thin paste is ready, add a little honey to it. Stir the mixture well.  After drying, wash the hair with shampoo and take care that the mixture becomes thin


Take an egg and break it and then add milk to it to make a paste. Apply it on hair for 15 minutes then wash hair with shampoo. Use this mixture once a week. Strengthen and soften hair. Hair growth will also increase.

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