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These 4 herbs are similar to nectar in the period of corona, which increases the immunity

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These 4 herbs are similar to nectar in the period of corona, which increases the immunity

As the threat of the corona virus spread around the world, people began to take measures to boost their immunity. Immunity boosting tips also started appearing on social media. But to a large extent the reality of many things is somewhat different. Which also causes side effects in the body, but today we will tell you Ayurvedic four herbs that increase immunity and protect against diseases.

1. Giloy

Giloy has a lot of Ayurvedic benefits. It is also called nectar. It is preventing many types of infections and fevers. This herb strengthens the body's immune system, which is weakened by stress, frequent illnesses and infections, and increases its ability to fight disease. Its anti-inflammatory properties give relief to inflammation in the body.

2.Basil (Tulsi):

Basil is also called the queen of herbs. This is a very respected medicine in Ayurveda. It has many therapeutic benefits. Modern research has shown that basil eliminates common pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Basil strengthens the body against these transmissible elements and also strengthens the immune system.

3. Amla:

Amla is also called Wonderberry. It is one of the best chemicals in Ayurveda. Vitamin C and other natural antioxidants are found in Amla. Experts believe that antioxidants prevent the virus from growing. The rapid spread of the virus stops the spread. And also attacks the virus quickly.

4. Ashwagandha (ginseng):

Ashwagandha is also called ginseng. Ayurvedic experts consider it a tonic or a chemical that strengthens the immune system. Ashwagandha strengthens the body's ability to fight infections and diseases. It nourishes the tissues and organs of the body.

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