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Get Flat Tummy in just 3 Days,just 2 Simple Steps & No Exercise

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Get Flat Tummy in just 3 Days,just 2 Simple Steps & No Exercise

Do you want a flat tummy quick and fast?? Are you lazy and not want to exercise?? Then this video is for you guys. I am going to share with you all how you can get a flat tummy in just 3 days with these 2 simple steps. 1 Stepp is to prepare  Flatt tummy Tonic.. For this take a blender & add
1 teaspoon of thinly sliced ginger
Squeeze out half  lemon
1 teaspoon of honey
2 teaspoons of orange pure ACV
1 teaspoon of warm drinking waterr.,
Now blend all very well .. This Tonic is really  powerful in burning tummy fat.. Transfer the concentrated tonic into a glass.  You can see here that the tonic will come upto 3/4th of the shot glass. You need only that much because its really concentrated.. Drink this two times a day.. First thing in the morning and last thing at night before going to bed.  Please do not eat or drink anything 30mins before and after drinking this tonic. For example in the morning drink this tonic first thing when you get up and wait for 30mins before you have tea or breakfast. At night drink this tonic right before going to bed and make sure you haven’t eaten or had any drink for at least 30mins before having the tonic. I hope its clear. 
This is one of the remedies that helped me to get back to shape after my pregnancyy.. This remedy works for everyone including teenagers to all...
Now the second step is to use a tummy reduction beltt.. Yes guys these things works 100%..  You can easily make this. Take a winter shawl or a scarf which is stretchable.. Like this kind materiall/. This material is really stretchy. I hope you can see this. Now simply wrap around your tummy like this. Make sure that it is tight enough to feel the tummy shrink but not to an extant that you can’t breath... [Please don’t suffocate yourself. This method is really effective to compress your tummy and will in time help to shrink the tummy.. Do this whenever possible., wear this wheneverr you r home and when you go to sleep.. And try ur level best to sleep on your back flat/. This helps  tummy to shrink while your sleep..  This will be helpful for anyone of any age. This method along with the tonic will help to reduce your tummy within 3 day. You will start feeling the differencee in just three days. / Nothing is Impossible. 

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