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How To Make Floating Tea Cup From Plastic Bottle

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Beautiful home decor idea. make floating tea cup from plastic bottle. easy DIY craft idea.

material you need 
💠 plastic bottle 
💠 white string 
💠 stones 
💠glue gun 
 💠felt sheet 
💠 white beads

all step is easy. one thing is little hard. you have to stick string on plastic by glue gun. first cut bottle as shown in video than stick string. here we used white. you can use any color of your choice. in between you can use big spoon. just arrange all parts than arrange flowers. you can create different floating of using chocolate, paper, different type flowers. make amazing decorative show piece. hope you will create beautiful craft. all instructions in video. you can change string and lase as your thought.

watch video tutorial.

thanks for watching video. stay connected with us for more ideas. please subscribe youtube channel for new update. if you want make other type floating tea cup. here we post some video of this. you can watch it.

how to make tea cup craft with color papers…This is easy and simple to make

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