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News paper doll, Beautifull DIY decor idea.

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let's create beautiful home decor craft. make african doll from waste news paper. here we can show process one doll. you can make different style dolls. just change look. 

Material Required 💠 Newspaper 💠 Acrylic or poster colors and brush 💠 Stones or decorative material 💠 Fevicol or other glue 💠 Tape 💠 Scissors 💠 40 - 50 newspaper sticks ( Newspaper Strip Measurement 55cm x 11cm)

First make paper sticks. and arrange as seen video. all process in video. follow step by step. than color and design is your choice. after than decorate doll from decorative stones and other materials. you can make many style dolls. process is same.

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let's watch video tutorial of paper doll.

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