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If these five changes appear in the body, you may have diabetes, so do not ignore these symptoms

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If these five changes appear in the body, you may have diabetes, so do not ignore these symptoms

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More than 42 crore people suffer from diabetes in the world. This disease is considered very fatal and there is no cure for it, meaning one has to live with this disease for a lifetime. So it is very important that you do not fall into the trap of diabetes and take care of your health

The main cause of diabetes is eating too many sweet things. People who eat too many sweet things get diabetes. Generally after the age of 30 the risk of suffering from this disease is high, but nowadays this disease is also seen very much in children.

What is medicine?

There is no cure for diabetes. Once diabetes occurs, the patient has to pay special attention to his food and drink and stop consuming sweet things completely. Along with this, medicine has to be consumed daily. If there is more diabetes, injections also have to be applied

Other diseases also occur

Having diabetes increases the risk of developing other diseases as well. If you do not keep it under control, you have to face problems like skin, eyes, brain stroke etc. Many people do not even know about diabetes in time, due to which their health deteriorates. Today we will tell you about the symptoms that are seen before diabetes and how to keep it under control.

Feeling more thirsty

Extreme thirst and frequent drinking of water are considered symptoms of diabetes. Drinking water frequently requires going to the bathroom, so if you feel very thirsty and have to go to the bathroom a lot, you should check yourself for diabetes. Because this can be a symptom of type-2 diabetes.

Do not heal when you feel it

People who have diabetes do not rest easily if they feel like it. In fact, if you have this disease, you don't get relief soon, so if you get pain anywhere and you don't get rest, go to the doctor and get checked for diabetes.


Excessive tingling in the hands and feet is also considered a symptom of diabetes. If a person experiences frequent tingling in the hands or feet, it may be a sign of diabetes.

Weight loss

Even mild weight loss is considered a symptom of diabetes, so if you are losing weight, don't ignore it and get it checked for diabetes.

look pale

Diabetes takes a toll on the eyes and is often blurred. If you start seeing black spots or blurred vision, then you should get yourself tested for diabetes.

This is how to control diabetes

Diabetes can be easily controlled. In order to control diabetes, consumption of sweet things should be stopped.

Diabetes should be checked from time to time and the medicine given by the doctor should be consumed.

Eating neem leaves maintains the sugar level in the body, so at least 3 to 5 neem leaves should be consumed daily.

If you have diabetes, you should increase your intake of green vegetables and eat lentils daily.

Do yoga and walk at least two kilometers daily.

Don't make this mistake

Many people with diabetes will stop eating salt for a few days, but once the sugar level improves, they start eating salt again, which is very wrong. Because diabetes is a lifelong disease.

So sweet things should not be consumed even if the sugar level is controlled. Should be checked from time to time. If you have diabetes, you should get your diabetes tested every 3 weeks. Many people do not get tested even if they have diabetes, which is wrong.

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