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Beautiful Garden Decor From Plastic Bottles



Beautiful Garden Decor From Plastic Bottles

here is ideas for decor your garden from waste plastic bottle. diy ideas for your home. its look beautiful decor. hope you will try for your home.

Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Hanging Lantern Flower Pots for Old Walls - Vertical Garden Ideas
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how to plant beautiful ten o'clock flowers, few people know how to grow this

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Make plastic bottles into beautiful flower pots ten hours of flower
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DIY Cute & Color Giraffe Plants Pots for Your Garden
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Amazing Tips, Making cute desktop flower pots from a spoon
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Recycle Plastic Bottles into Beautiful Hanging Flower Pots For Your Garden
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Unique Garden - Recycle Plastic Bottle into Amazing Flower Pots For Colorful Garden
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Balloon Decoration Ideas for any occasion at home



I am going to show you a very easy, basic and anyone can make this Balloon decoration at home....I try to make it very simple and easy to make...I hope you will like this video

Balloon Decoration Ideas for any occasion at home

Balloon Decoration Ideas for any occasion at home

Balloon Decoration Ideas for any occasion at home

Balloon Decoration Ideas for any occasion at home

Balloon Decoration Ideas for any occasion at home

Balloon Decoration Ideas for any occasion at home

Balloon Decoration Ideas for any occasion at home

How To Make Flying Balloons At Home Without Helium



How To Make Flying Balloons At Home Without Helium

Today brings an amazing experiment with balloons. make a helium balloons at home without using helium gas. This balloon flies like normal helium gas balloons. So hope you will love this amazing science experiments.

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Looking for some important tips for party decoration? Want to know how to stick balloons on the ceiling by using Glue dot, Balloon string or simply with your hair? We are here to help you!

Eno Gas Balloon Science Project Experiment

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DIY handmade Water Candles



DIY handmade Water Candles

Material Required

-Glass Mug
-Water Paint Colors/Brush
-Plastic Cap / Bottle
-Cotton Wick
-OIL I USED: Refined oil but can use any  cooking oil
 (e.g. Mustard oil, Soyabean oil etc)

watch full video tutorial.....

NOTICE: If there is any problem in burning the candle then you Paste the transparent tape (Cello Tape) into the hole below the cotton wick plate So the cotton wick will not get wet at the bottom and it will run long time.

3 hours candle will burn.

You can use plastic disposal glass also instead of glass mug.

DIY Denim Apron and Basket From Old Jeans

Denim Apron and Basket From Old Jeans look so cute. They would be a wonderful gift. They are also great for women who love gardening, crafting, and organizing.

It is easy to make. Check out the materials and link how to make it.

What you will need:

1 pair of jeans (mens’ jeans typically offer larger pockets)
1/2 yard burlap
Fabric scraps
2/3 yard fabric for ties
Nylon strapping
Titanium Comfort Stick Rotary Cutter 45 mm
Cutting Mat (18″ x 24″)
Razor-edge Softgrip® Scissors (8″)

DIY Flip flops and Sleepers for Stylish Look


Make your own upscale DIY Flip lemon and sleepers at home. Check these DIY instructional exercises to embellish your flip-flops!

In the event that you need to give smart look to your sleepers and escape from customary exhausting old look. At that point, prepare for inventive excursion with astonishing DIYs to zest up your flip lemon with our curated assortment of overly fun, slick, simple to make video instructional exercises.

1. Gladiator Flip flops

Materials needed:
  • Fettuccini Yarn
  • Old Flip Flops
  • Pair of scissors
  • Take a Pair of flip flop and with help of scissors cut off the heads of the strands from the strands so that they can easily be removed from the sole.
  • Take about 3 pieces of yarn of 6 feet each, tie them from one end and braid the three together.
    Take 3 more pieces of yarn, this time little smaller in length. Make a loop in them and insert them inside the three holes of the flip flops.
  • Insert the braided yarn in the top most hole and draw the left strand in the left side hole and the right strand in the right hole.
  • Adjust the size of the loops coming out of the hole so that they aren’t too tight and then tie a knot in them from the bottom side so that they don’t escape out. Cut out the excess yarn from extending out of the knot.
  • And your slippers are ready
2. Jeans Flip flops

Give your slippers a new make over slipper made out of nothing but used product so be proud because they are quirky as well as durable and give that old rugged look that youth digs.

Materials required: 

Utilized Flip Flops 

Old pants 

Texture stick 

Pair of Scissors 


Cut out the strands off an old flip failure so you get just an exposed sole. Presently take a pants material that you can remove of from your old pants since they are of strong material they can go far. 

So apply texture stick on the front side of the sole and spread it with a bit of pants. Remove the overabundance part. 

Take another littler rectangular size of pants material, place your feet on the bottom of the flip failure and spread the feet utilizing the pants. Presently you get the specific thought of the size of the material you need to stick as the strand. 

Stick the sides of the strand on the sole. Take a little piece of pants and bind it at the center of the strand to make a bow. You can stick little gem stones on the sides of the flip lemon. 

Do likewise for the other flip failure. 

Presently you have your shoes prepared to be use. 

3. Exceptional Occasion Slipper 

This ones are for the individuals who look for comfort in everything exceptionally in their wear. An approach to make the shoes tasteful and simultaneously not all that straightforward. Spot on for party wear with all the sparkle of rhinestone.

Materials required: 

Counterfeit Flowers 

Flip Flops 

Craft glue weapon 

Nylon string 

Pair of scissors 

Rhinestone chain 


Take a flip failure and tie a nylon string at one top of the strand of the flip lemon and addition it out from the gap to the front side of the flip lemon. 

Take a rhinestone chain and measure the strand with it and remove the abundance. Paste two chains of rhinestone on the strand utilizing heated glue. 

Presently wrap the nylon string around the rhinestone chain between the space of the rhinestone. 

Turn the nylon string to the next strand now and paste it as far as possible. 

To the next strand stick some garish blossoms. Paste some rhinestone at the top corners of the flip failure. 

Also, your flip lemon are prepared for go. 

4. Sequin Flip flop

Give those flip lemon some sparkly look and brilliance that stunningness all individuals. A best hope to give the celebrations another kick.

Materials required:
  • Flip flops
  • Cloth material
  • Sequin
  • Fabric glue
  • Strong needle and thread
  • Sew a triangle shaped cloth material on the flip flop by sewing it on the strands. Make sure you do it under adult supervision and use strong sew and thread for it. you can even use glue to stick them.
  • Now take some sequin and glue them on the cloth. One on the other without leaving space.
  • This gives more bright look to the slippers.
  • And your sequin flip flops are ready.
5. Sea shell slipper

Materials needed:

Satin ribbon
Small seashells, clamps, pearl
Hot glue

Take a slipper and to the end of one strand glue one end of the satin ribbon then draw it till the middle add some glue there to and then draw it to the end of other ribbon and glue it there.
Take another ribbon and start by gluing it on the apex of the strands then start wrapping the two strands together with it. first wrap the ribbon over one strand and then under the other then turn it on the same strand over and then under the other. Do it till you form the whole tapestry like that.
Now using hot glue stick some sea shells and pearls on it to give it that beach-y effect.
Let it dry. Do the same for the other slipper.
And your slippers are ready.

6. Faux Fur Slipper

Materials needed:

Fabric glue
Faux fur
Needle and thread

I recommend the slippers that have thick bands that wrap on the feet. They provide larger area to wrap the faux fur around.
Cut the faux fur in the shape of the band of the slipper. Sew some pearls on it if you desire.
Don’t use glue to stick the pearls as they can ruin the fur.
And glue the material on the band. You can even use the faux material for the sole of the front of the slipper.
And your slippers are revamped and ready to be used

7. Pom pom Sandal

Material required: 





Fighter Sandal 

Cowhide lines (pitilessness free) 


The creation of pom is in reality extremely simple. First of all take a long line of fleece and fold it over the fork. The key is to do it freely not very close. Fold over for around multiple times. 

Presently take a little fleece piece and bind it over the woolen circle to hold everything together. 

Presently utilizing a little scissors begin cutting the woolen circle into a little circle. Also, really soon it will come to fruition of a pom. 

Paste it on your warriors. Also, in the event that you don't have one you can make one by the technique depicted previously. Paste it on the strands and you can make the same number of pom as you like. 

You can even make tuft by wrapping the cowhide line around your four fingers 10-12 times and afterward tying a bunch on it from one side while cutting all closures free from the other. You can stick these too on your shoes. 

What's more, your tuft and pom included shoes are fit to be embellished.

8. Beaded Slippers

Materials needed:

Felt paper
Cloth material
Thick needle and thread

Draw the shape you want on a felt sheet. Cut it off and use it as a stencil to cut off a cloth material.
Now use needle and thread to sew it between the strands. Be careful while using needle and adult supervision would be appreciated.
Draw beads in a long thread and tie a knot at the ends so that they don’t escape. Now use glue to outline your shape with the chain of beads you made. repeat this till you fill the whole shape. Do the same with your other slipper.
And your slippers are ready.
We hope you liked these beautiful tutorials.