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These 3 things to clean your kidneys, is also beneficial for the immune system


These 3 things to clean your kidneys, is also beneficial for the immune system

The kidney is an important organ of our body. Which works to filter salt from our bodies and bacteria from the body. But when salt accumulates in the kidneys, treatment is needed. Toxins accumulate inside the kidneys and cause problems like stones. So it is very important to clean our kidneys from time to time.

Toxins that accumulate in the kidneys interfere with the purification of the blood. And it can even cause a person's death. If you add three things to your diet with caution in eating, you can easily clear the kidneys. You can use these items in cooking or drink in any way.

1. Cumin:

Mostly cumin is used to soak our vegetables. This cumin can also cleanse the kidneys. A detoxifying drink can be prepared indoors by mixing cumin and coriander with 4-5 slides of lemon. This drink proves to be very effective in cleansing the kidneys quickly.

2. Green Coriander:

Green coriander is also used to enhance the taste of food. But did you know that the detoxification properties of coriander are helpful in removing waste and toxins from the body. You can use it in dinner diet or in juice.

3. Corn silk:

Especially people eat corn. But blonde silk/hair can also detoxify your kidneys. It is effective in detoxifying the kidneys and bladder as well as in regulating blood sugar and boosting the immune system.

Use of corn hair:

Boil two glasses of water well to make a corn hair drink. Then put a bowl of corn hair in the water and boil over low heat. Squeeze two slices of lemon under the water. Now boil it till a glass of water remains. You will see the benefits of drinking this drink every morning and evening. This drink is also very beneficial for people who have gallstones.

Drinking warm water every day has many benefits


Drinking warm water every day has many benefits

Everyone wants to live a healthy life. Some daily benefits for a healthy life. It is very beneficial to get up in the morning and drink warm water. The water needs to be a little warm. One should drink warm water 4-5 times a day.  Drinking water is an important component of the body

It is also important for the body to drink the water. Water cures diseases of the body. Generally, the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach are very good.

Clears the stomach

Drinking warm water in the morning on an empty stomach will clean your stomach. The body will feel refreshed and refreshed. The mind will be happy all day. Stomach problems are the cause of many diseases.

The digestive system stays good

The use of fast food is more prevalent in modern lifestyle. resty life causes less appetite. If you feel less hungry then add lemon juice, salt and pepper in hot water.
your digestive system stays good always and save you from diseases.

Beneficial in weight loss

This problem of weight gain is very common nowadays. Being overweight also causes other problems. We do yoga exercises to lose weight. Some Ayurvedic natural remedies are also required. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach helps to dissolve belly fat as well as lemon juice. add lemon  and honey in warm water.  Regular intake of this water will reduce body fat. Water helps in weight gain problem

Keeps the face glowing

Warm water is also good for the skin. Regular drinking of water does not cause wrinkles on the skin of the face, maintains the radiance of the face and also prevents the hair from turning white. Removes pimples etc. on the face and removes acne-enhancing toxins.

Physically weakness

Many people often experience fatigue. Even lukewarm water is beneficial for physical weakness. Drinking lukewarm water with honey and lemon removes the problem of fatigue. The body feels refreshed and refreshed.

Cold-cough relief

If you have frequent chest tightness and colds, then warm water can be very beneficial for you. It also clears the throat and relieves colds and coughs. So necessarily drink warm water.

Make natural oil at home to remove the problem of broken and falling hair


Make natural oil at home to remove the problem of broken and falling hair

With age, many people start to lose and lose their hair. Food and modern living and the use of cosmetics affects the hair. Nowadays, many people are bothered by the problem of hair loss. The solution to this problem  in our home.

The use of this oil will eliminate the problem of hair loss and will strengthen the hair as well as increase hair growth. Hair will be strong, smooth and thick.

The following items will be required to make the oil. All these items will be available from our house. 
👉 Onion 
👉 Curry Leaves
👉 Aloe Vera Gel 
👉 Coconut Oil

How to make oil

First extract the onion juice. After extracting the juice, add  Curry Leaves and heat it. When the mixture is hot, add aloe vera gel. Mix the mixture well.

Then add a little coconut oil. Apply this oil on the hair daily and your hair will stop falling out

Onion juice

You can also use only onion juice. Onion juice will also stop hair loss. Extract the juice from the onion. Add a little honey to it. Honey is also considered to be good for hair and apply on the hair.  A mixture of onion juice and honey will strengthen the hair, stop hair loss and give shine. This mixture should be used once a week.


Bananas are rich in nutrients. Bananas are also beneficial for hair. Bananas will help prevent hair loss. Add a little milk to the bananas. Take a thin paste in the mixer properly. Once the thin paste is ready, add a little honey to it. Stir the mixture well.  After drying, wash the hair with shampoo and take care that the mixture becomes thin


Take an egg and break it and then add milk to it to make a paste. Apply it on hair for 15 minutes then wash hair with shampoo. Use this mixture once a week. Strengthen and soften hair. Hair growth will also increase.

Eating too much salt can cause serious illness in the body


Eating too much salt can cause serious illness in the body

The taste of any meal is incomplete without salt, so even a slight increase in salt in a meal can spoil the taste. So we always add salt according to taste, but many people like to eat too much salt. Eating too much salt is a risk factor for the body. Eating too much salt can cause many diseases in the body. Today we will tell you about the diseases caused by eating too much salt.

1. Inflammation of the intestines:

Eating too much salt can cause inflammation of the intestines. According to a study, in adults in America, excessive salt intake caused inflammation in their intestines.

2. High blood pressure:

Eating too much salt can also cause high blood pressure. This can lead to many other problems.

3. Cancer:

Eating too much salt can also cause cancer in your body. Eating too much salt increases calories in the body, which helps to increase the risk of cancer the most.

4. Heart Attack:

Eating too much salt causes the heart muscle to grow and there is a risk of heart attack due to the growth of the heart muscle. Eat only the right amount of salt to stay healthy.

5. Headache:

Eating too much salt can also cause headaches. Excess salt in the blood can also lead to muscle and knee problems.

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These 4 herbs are similar to nectar in the period of corona, which increases the immunity


These 4 herbs are similar to nectar in the period of corona, which increases the immunity

As the threat of the corona virus spread around the world, people began to take measures to boost their immunity. Immunity boosting tips also started appearing on social media. But to a large extent the reality of many things is somewhat different. Which also causes side effects in the body, but today we will tell you Ayurvedic four herbs that increase immunity and protect against diseases.

1. Giloy

Giloy has a lot of Ayurvedic benefits. It is also called nectar. It is preventing many types of infections and fevers. This herb strengthens the body's immune system, which is weakened by stress, frequent illnesses and infections, and increases its ability to fight disease. Its anti-inflammatory properties give relief to inflammation in the body.

2.Basil (Tulsi):

Basil is also called the queen of herbs. This is a very respected medicine in Ayurveda. It has many therapeutic benefits. Modern research has shown that basil eliminates common pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Basil strengthens the body against these transmissible elements and also strengthens the immune system.

3. Amla:

Amla is also called Wonderberry. It is one of the best chemicals in Ayurveda. Vitamin C and other natural antioxidants are found in Amla. Experts believe that antioxidants prevent the virus from growing. The rapid spread of the virus stops the spread. And also attacks the virus quickly.

4. Ashwagandha (ginseng):

Ashwagandha is also called ginseng. Ayurvedic experts consider it a tonic or a chemical that strengthens the immune system. Ashwagandha strengthens the body's ability to fight infections and diseases. It nourishes the tissues and organs of the body.

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Learn how to different between real and fake cashews, so that you can stay healthy


Learn how to different between real and fake cashews, so that you can stay healthy

What is the color of the cashews kept in my house? White or light yellow? Learn in this article how to identify real cashews

Cashew is a dried fruit that is loved by everyone from small children to adults. There are also many benefits to eating cashews. Cashews keep our heart healthy and keep us healthy. Cashews not only protect our heart but also protect us from deadly diseases like cancer. Eating cashews relieves many ailments. But many people mistakenly identify cashews. They do not know which cashews are good and which are bad. While real cashews are good for your health, fake ones are bad. Today we will learn how to identify real cashews.

Never Buy Yellow Cashews:
Whenever you go to the market to buy cashews, keep in mind that the cashews should be white in color. If the cashews you have bought are yellow or the shopkeeper is giving you yellow cashews, do not buy them. Yellow cashews are fake and lack nutritional value

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying cashews:
Whenever you go to buy cashews, the first thing to check is whether there are not any nets or wrinkles in them. The cashews you buy should be white and fairly clean. Also don't buy any cashews.

Identifying good quality:
Whenever you go to the market to buy cashews, look for good quality cashews. Good quality cashews are large in size and up to 1 inch long. This is how good cashews are identified and it is also beneficial for us.

identify cashews by smell:
If you have bought good quality cashews, sniffing them will give off a very moist smell. If the cashews you buy are smelling like oil, don't buy them because these types of cashews are fake.

Sounds from cashews:
Good quality cashews have a crunchy crushing effect on the teeth and are also sweet to eat. Not only this, with the help of good quality cashews you can get rid of tooth decay.